SARL Amateur Radio Today Podcasting FAQ's

What is a Podcast?
A Podcast is a radio programme on the internet that can be downloaded on to your computer, for free, and listened to whenever you'd like to hear it -- either on your computer or after it has been transferred to an iPod or MP3 player. In many cases one can download straight to a smartphone, iPod or MP3 player. Of course one can listen online and stream or listen directly to the audio.
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How much does it cost?
The Podcast MP3 files are free but you may have to pay your service provider for line rental and/or data costs to enable you to download these files.
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How do I know when to look for it?
If you subscribe to a Podcast, then your computer will automatically look for and download the latest edition every time you log on to the Internet. You can also download episodes manually and not subscribe. Remember the Amateur Radio Today Podcasts are absolutely free.
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What do I need to listen to an Amateur Radio Today Podcast?
The simplest and easiest way to listen is to click on an episode link of one of our Podcasts and let your PC play it for you. An episode is an MP3 audio file that you can listen to using a range of devices and programs. This is NOT subscribing -- you would have to return every week or every so often to get a new Podcast, as opposed to the file being provided to you regularly and automatically via subscription.

However, if you want to subscribe and have new Podcasts downloaded automatically, you will need "media aggregator" software such as iTunes, Juice or Doppler. They are free to download and can be used on either Apple Mac or your PC.
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How do I subscribe?
Copy and paste the "" url into your Podcast aggregator software.
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Do I have to have an iPod or iTunes program to do this?
You do not need an iPod or iTunes program; you don't even have to have an MP3 player. You can simply listen to the audio on a PC or Apple Mac. The Podcast will work on a range of Podcast software or MP3 players. You can of course listen to the Podcast directly from your PC online -- you do not have to download it to an MP3 player. This is called audio-streaming. But you can of course just download the Podcast files and listen offline on your PC at anytime.
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I still don't understand what to do. Help!
Email SARL Amateur Radio Today with your specific Podcast related problem and we will try our best to assist you.
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What are the terms and conditions?
Podcasts may be reproduced or rebroadcast without written permission from Amateur Radio Today of SARL but recognition and credit must be given to Amateur Radio Today - South African Radio League.
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