ZS0MEE Packet Radio BBS File download area - Daily updates at 04:15, 10:15, 16:15 UTC.

Note that these BBS traffic updates are done automatically at the above scheduled times from a Raspberry Pi BBS (ZS0MEE) which is situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. If for some reason the RPi failed (due to power failures, ADSL line down, etc.), then on the next scheduled update the 'lost' data should be updated. In other words, nothing should be lost.

The zipped files that you download from this page consist typically of @ZAF, @WW, @EU, @SAT, @MISC, including other categories. These files are already in the format required for importing directly into a Packet Radio BBS without modification.

Each file must be unzipped and it's name changed to "MAIL.IN" and placed into the import directory of your BBS. Your BBS will automatically import each one in the usual way. The BBS will end up with the latest bulletins which will be immediately available to your BBS users and for further forwarding to your adjacent BBS partners.


This page was last updated on January 09, 2020 - Thursday, 16:11 UTC.