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Latest Amateur Radio News from around the world
  1. Extreme weather and grid down disasters seem to be happening more often, and with greater intensity. More often than not, when we organize off grid emergency communications training with our portable radio gear, it usually takes place in fair weather conditions. What about training for a winter snow storms, the aftermath of a hurricane or tornado..?
  2. On January 18, 2019, new Amateur Radio regulations were published by the Bulgarian Ministry of Communication
  3. Tommy reviews the Blue Thumb DV. George and the crew pull out the test equipment and experiment with 1/4 wave stubs. This live demonstration helps clear up some of the mystery. Mike, VE3MIC sits in for the Cheap Old Man to help keep expenses under control
  4. The annual Board of Directors meeting of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), is underway in Windsor, Connecticut and will conclude today, Saturday, January 19
  5. This week's comment from the board of the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA), by Director Justin VK7TW, highlights VHF/UHF/uW operating and YOTA
  6. This week is all about new amateurs. We welcome those new to the hobby and have suggestions of how to enter at foundation level or to improve your privileges and responsibilities
  7. The Society is now publishing pictures from the RSGB Archives on Twitter every Friday morning
  8. No sunspots seen since January 6, so average daily sunspot numbers declined from 7.7 to 0 for the current reporting week, January 10-16. Average daily solar flux dropped from 71.6 to 69.4 over the same period. Average daily planetary A index went from 7.4 to 4.9, and average mid-latitude A index went from 6.1 to 4
  9. The reported death of Amateur Radio due to FT8 is an exaggeration - In 2017 a new digital amateur mode called FT8 joined the ranks of inventions related to our hobby. Since then it's taken the amateur world by storm, filled the bands with contacts and attracted a strong following among radio amateurs across the planet. Making contacts with low solar cycle numbers has never been so easy
  10. Earth's magnetic field is changing so quickly that researchers have been forced to update to the World Magnetic Model ahead of schedule