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Latest Amateur Radio News from around the world
  1. Jupiter Research Foundation Amateur Radio Club (JRFARC) has integrated an HF transceiver with an autonomous ocean-going drone. Our mission is to deploy a ham radio station that roams the world's oceans while providing an opportunity for amateur radio operators everywhere to make contacts with rare locations
  2. Two young people aged 9 where among the 291 people who took the amateur radio exam in Surabaya using the new online State Amateur Radio Examination (UNAR) and Licensing system
  3. The BBC has cancelled plans to switch-off FM radio broadcasts and force millions of listeners to tune into digital transmissions
  4. In this episode, Martin is joined by Chris Howard M0TCH, Dan Romanchik KB6NU, and Ed Durrant DD5LP to discuss the latest Amateur / Ham Radio news. This episode’s feature is - Upgrading to your next radio by Chris Howard M0TCH
  5. Opening on 24 March 2018, a new, permanent exhibition at Bletchley Park will tell the story of the Bombe machines that helped break the Enigma code in the actual location that housed the machines
  6. In preparation for the World Radio Conference in 2019 (WRC-19) there are a number of preparatory meetings that are undertaken. One of these in the Asia Pacific Region is the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) Preparatory Group. This is the third of five regional summits in the lead-up to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) WRC
  7. According to the Amateur Radio Cluster Network for the week of Sunday, 11th March, through Sunday, 18th March there were 231 countries active
  8. Weekly IOTA News - compiled by Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW, editor of the Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin
  9. China is planning to launch the Chang’e 4 lander and rover which is slated to land on the far side of the moon in December. The lander configuration will use a relay satellite for a control and data link with Earth
  10. Tommy, George and Emile visit the 2018 Acadiana Hamfest in Rayne, LA. Good food, good friends and good times in South Louisiana. We visit with vendors and attendees to find out what makes this event so special. Emile teaches Tommy and George the proper way to eat Crawfish