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Latest Amateur Radio News from around the world
  1. Regarding access by the Aeronautical Mobile Service to the amateur radio 144 MHz band Switzerland's Ofcom says: 'a possible so-called co-primary usage between both services could be examined'
  2. VERON report 'many radio amateurs have responded to the call to occupy the 2 meter band' during the 144 MHz Propagation Experiment held on Saturday, July 20
  3. ARISS SSTV activity is planned for various times during the week of July 29 through Aug 4
  4. The July-August 2019 (iss 9) edition of the Dutch version of the Raspberry Pi magazine MagPi features an article 'Raspberry Pi and amateur radio – the ideal combination' and an interview with Ruud Warnaar PA3RW
  5. Kletskous and AfriCUBE, AMSAT SA's two CubeSat projects are making good progress
  6. The place of the amateur service in the world is largely determined by the provisions of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Radio Regulations. Locally, the amateur service is regulated by relevant Australian legislation, the Australian Radio Frequency Spectrum Plan and the Amateur Licence Condition Determination which are the national derivatives of the Radio Regulations
  7. The Netherlands communications regulator, Agentschap Telecom (AT), has given a disappointing response to the call by Dutch radio amateurs for the 144-146 MHz band to be protected
  8. A proposal has been floated by the French administration to extend existing aeronautical mobile service allocations in Region 1 to a number of additional frequency bands, including the 144 – 146 MHz band currently allocated exclusively to the amateur service. If accepted, this proposal would have very serious consequences for radio amateurs, given the importance of the 2 metre band for a variety of applications
  9. High school students in Brazil are building a ground station for the amateur radio transponder on the QO-100 geostationary satellite as part of a STEM education project
  10. Sporadic E is one on the most interesting forms of propagation - as the name indicates it occurs sporadically and many of the mechanisms behind it are not well understood