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Latest Amateur Radio News from around the world
  1. Sweden's SSA has published an update on the changes to amateur radio exemption regulations that come into effect on November 1, 2018, this includes an 80% reduction in power level
  2. The Dutch national society VERON promotes the active involvement of radio amateurs in innovation, home-construction and experimentation
  3. The Hindu interviews radio amateur Gurudatta Panda VU3GDP about the ExseedSat CubeSat built by an eight-person team at Hyderabad-based Exseed Space Private Limited co-founded by Ashhar Farhan VU2ESE
  4. AMSAT and ARISS are currently supporting a FundRazr campaign to raise $150,000 for critical radio infrastructure upgrades on ISS. The upgrades are necessary to enable students to continue to talk to astronauts in space via Amateur Radio
  5. Hello 6m DXers! As you have undoubtedly heard, VP6D is planning to be QRV on 6m EME starting next month
  6. Radio Amateurs of Canada is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications from Amateur Radio clubs across the country for our Liability Insurance Program for 2019
  7. Alex, K2BB, announced this past week that he and his friend Paul, UU0JR, will be active as 5R8R (TBD) from Nosy Be Island (IOTA AF-057), Madagascar, between November 19-29th
  8. The main goal of the enigma event is to promote as much amateur radio activity as possible all over the world, celebrating the history of the Enigma cipher machine and its crucial role in the outcome of World War II, and spreading the knowledge of those key people who contributed to its decryption
  9. Steve, EI5DD of the IECRO radio club in Mullingar in Ireland, is planning to hold a National DMR net tonight, Monday the 24th of September at 8:30 pm sharp on the Ireland Calling Channel TG 2722
  10. During a natural disaster when the power is out and the phone towers are down, how can first responders communicate? By using ham radios!