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Latest Amateur Radio News from around the world
  1. Former WIA Director Robert Broomhead VK3DN reports on the contact between the ISS and students at the Essex Heights Primary School in Melbourne
  2. If you've been part of the amateur community for a while and have heard me talk on matters of contesting, you'll know that I'm an avid contester and that for me, it's better than sliced bread. Of course, I'm me and you're not
  3. The ARRL Contest Branch has announced that more contest award certificates are now available for download from the ARRL website in PDF and JPEG formats. Just enter the call sign used
  4. Did you know that spiders can fly? New research shows that arachnids can launch themselves into the air using electric fields as a form of propulsion
  5. The French government said Thursday that it would demand 190 million euros of spending cuts
  6. Operators Takao JO7GVC and Hirokazu JK7LXU will be active as VK9/homecall from Norfolk Island (OC-005) between October 9-14th
  7. Members of the Czech DXpedition team (CDXP) will be active as TO6OK from Mayotte (AF-027) between September 20th and October 6th
  8. Over three weeks of blank sun! reported 22 consecutive days with no sunspots as of Thursday, and there is nothing to indicate when sunspots will return
  9. VERON report the help desk of the Netherlands cable operator Ziggo inferred a radio amateur could be the cause of WiFi interference. VERON describe this as Fake News
  10. Following in the success of the original HAMKit VMAC PiHat, coupled with the developer interest in the new v2, the design has been finalised and the production VMAC PiHat v2.4 PCB is in fabrication