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  1. These letters were received for publication in the October 2019 RadCom but pressure of space meant they could not be included in the printed edition. INTERFERENCE Roger Kendall, G8BNE We are told that the cost of taking action against the cause of some local HF interference which is rendering the 40m and 80m bands almost unusable […]
  2. It with great sadness that IARU reports that ARRL and IARU President Emeritus Larry E. Price, W4RA, died on the 10 September 2019. He was 85. The IARU owes a debt of gratitude to Larry for his tireless work over the decades to represent the interests of amateur radio in regulatory forums. Larry was first […]
  3. Bulgarian radio amateurs have obtained temporary access to the digital portion of the 50MHz band, 50.310 to 50.335MHz. Previously their allocation was restricted to just 50.05 to 50.2MHz, which excluded digital usage such as FT8. A key objective to WRC-19 is to extend 50MHz access to all countries across Region 1.
  4. The RSGB National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park has successfully completed the realignment of the SteppIR beam this week. The Yaesu rotator is now back in action and the SteppIR beam can be rotated. The D-Star repeater GB7BP is also now back online and operational. Don’t forget RSGB Members can download a free entry voucher […]
  5. The RSGB Convention takes place in Milton Keynes from 11 to 13 October 2019. The provisional programme of lectures and workshops is now at In the talk I Can HEAR It, Why Won’t It Decode? Neil Smith, G4DBN will discuss how you choose the best digital mode for tropospheric DX at VHF and above. […]