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  1. The first individually-licenced amateurs in Tunisia are now able to get on the air. Of the 10 people who passed the first exam, five were able to attend a special ceremony to receive their documents personally. President of the National Frequencies Agency, Ashraf Chaabane and the amateur radio committee president Mehdi Hmem spoke about the […]
  2. Before shutting down on 12 March 2018, Z60A in Kosovo had logged 98,450 contacts during its celebratory operations to hand out a new one to the madding crowd. The 30-day-long initial activation of the newest DXCC entity encountered 30,541 individual call signs in 174 DXCC entities. Mission Goodwill Kosovo expressed appreciation to the 28 operators […]
  3. Opening on 24 March 2018, a new, permanent exhibition at Bletchley Park will tell the story of the Bombe machines that helped break the Enigma code in the actual location that housed the machines. Hut 11A: The Bombe Breakthrough explains in detail the challenges posed by Enigma and explores how Alan Turing, Gordon Welchman and […]
  4. Please click the link below to download this week’s news script GB2RS News Script for 18 March 2018
  5. John Mattocks, G4TEQ, the Chair of the RSGB Planning Advisory Committee, has written a response on behalf of the Committee to the Law Commission review of Planning Law in Wales. The response can be seen on the RSGB website. A 3U CubeSat, HuskySat-1, is planned for launch later this year. It will fly with the […]