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The audio version of our TV programs for and about Amateur Radio (Ham Radio). The video version is hosted at www.HamRadioNow.tv (and, to be totally honest, on YouTube). Our shows come in three flavors: Talk Shows, Seminars/Forums, and mini-documentaries. Sorry for the mash-up, but any episode may be in one (or more) of those categories.
  1. Marty Sullaway NN1C (formerly KC1CWF) is in the house! We talk Ham Radio, his visit to Los Angeles and plans for 2019!

  2. Ben Kuo AI6YR visits in studio with David W0DHG to talk about how Ham Radio played a part in the recent Woolsey Fire in Southern California. Over 90,000 acres and 1400 structures, and 3 lives were lost

  3. Gary KN4AQ, Cyndi KD4ACW, and David W0DHG talk about their trip to Los Angeles and their visit to the stage of Last Man Standing! 

  4. Mike Ritz W7VO joins David to talk about his race to become the  division director in the Northwestern Division. 

  5. David visits with Ria Jairam to discuss her run for Hudson Division Director.

  6. Live video shot in the San Fernando Valley. David joined Paul Strauss WD6EBY and Orv Beach W6BI (and a few others) for a trip to the DARN Verdugo Peak repeater site and another location above Simi Valley.  This trip was to help increase bandwidth and coverage of AREDN Mesh.

  7. Randy Smith WU2S joins David and Darren AJ6BL to talk about Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network.

    Links from this episode: 

    AREDN:  https://www.arednmesh.org/

    AREDN Baker to Vegas: https://www.arednmesh.org/content/baker-vegas-2018-broadband-mesh-support

    Trevor’s Bench” http://www.trevorsbench.com/meshchat-messaging-for-mesh-networks/

  8. Gary and David review Gary's favorite shows. 

  9. Darren and David setup a ZumSpot. We also made some changes in the studio in order to bring you better audio. This is the first episode to use the Wirecast Rendezvous feature, and it worked great!

  10. David and Guest Darren La Groe talk about getting up and running on DMR. Darren get's David up to speed on the nomenclature of DMR. We get my MD-380 working.

  11. Gwen and David talk about their 2018 Field Day from San Vicente Park in the Santa Monica Mountains. We had a great time at Field Day, and hope that you did too. Please let us know in the comments what you did for Field Day!

  12. Ria Jairam N2RJ joins Gary and myself to discuss her announced plans to run for Hudson Division Director.  The first few minutes contains some ECHO, but it goes away after about 15 minutes. 

  13. I'm back, May was busy, but I have a new show and more coming next week. In 398 I introduce a new sidekick (you asked for one) and I talk about how I got started in Ham Radio. 

  14. This weeks guest Richard Bateman KD7BBC owner of HamStudy.org talks about the  HamStudy product, a newly released set of mobile applications, and signalstuff.com if you are interested Richard gave me a discount code for the products from signalstuff.com: hamradionow   (all lower case - good until 5/31/2018)

  15. John Jacobs W7DBO from the Field Radio Podcast is my guest. We talk about his podcast, podcasting and how he got involved with HamRadio360. John builds awesome custom go boxes (http://www.commstogo.com/).  John and I discuss our experiences producing content for the internet about Ham Radio and Field Day! 

  16. A combination show: On the road to the race, an interview with John Rosica KA2FND of NVIS Communications, and raw video from the race at Stage #9. It's a little rough copy, but you are hams, hopefully you can pull the good stuff out of the noise. Doing sound in the field is apparently hard... I am getting some equipment to make it better in the future. 

  17. David W0DHG talks to Jim Wades WB8SWI and Joe Ames W3JY of Radio Relay International about the organization, it's beginnings, how it works, and why. Radio Relay International can be found at http://radio-relay.org/

  18. Dan KB6NU, Marty N6VI(in studio guest!), and Gary KN4AQ join David W0DHG for the first show recorded from the West Coast Studio.

    We talk about the new ARRL proposal to the FCC to add HF privileges for Tech class licenses. We also talk about the Hudson Division Town Hall and MyARRLvoice....

    Gary plays several clips lifted from the Hudson Division Town Hall webinar (February 2018) in which Director Mike Lisenco N2YBB makes some strong (and unsupported) statements about the censure of fellow Director Dick Norton N6AA, at one point accusing Norton of creating a "toxic environment" at the Board. You can hear a full, unedited recording of that Town Hall (with noise reduction to eliminate a loud hum on Lisenco's audio) at the HamRadioNow web site for Episode 393: 


  19. Curmudgeon hams will rant about how professional Emcomm agencies see no value in ham radio. And in some areas that's true.

    The ARES forum from the Yuma AZ Hamfest - Roozy Moabery W1EH, ARRL DEC for part of the sprawling Los Angeles area, talks about how hams there have created a great working relationship with their served agencies.

    This is a slide-show talk, but the slides are all text headlines for the topics Roozy covers, so the RADIO RATING is still A.

  20. Dick Norton N6AA, the ARRL SW Division Director, is at the center of the dust-up (Firestorm?) at the ARRL Board of Directors. He's the director who was censured in a special Board Meeting last fall for what the Board said were inappropriate comments at the Visalia DX convention the previous spring. He's also the Director that Hudson Division Director Mike Lisenco N2YBB said was partly responsible for a 'toxic environment' at the League. Lisenco's comments came during a Hudson Division web Town Hall in early 2018, with a link from this QRZ.com discussion. (Note that the audio recording of that webinar is pretty bad, but it's also pretty interesting if you can tough it out.)

    In this episode, Dick Norton discussed his censure and the ARRL Board Code of Conduct at the ARRL Forum at the Yuma AZ Hamfest in February. HamRadioNow's host David Goldenberg W0DHG recorded the session.

    Radio Rating: A