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Latest Amateur Radio News from around the world
  1. The commemorative around the world flight by pilot Brian Lloyd WB6RQN crossed the Pacific Ocean, landing first at Pago Pago in American Samoa, then Hawaii via a symbolic flyover of Howland Island
  2. The Wireless Institute of Australia report on the speech by Don Beattie G3BJ at the Ham Radio 2017 event in Friedrichshafen
  3. Finally, remote operation that just works. No boxes to buy, no complicated VPN to set up, no remote desktop, no computer required, and no complexity. Just download, upgrade, purchase, register, and operate from anywhere at any time. Remote so simple it's practically magic!
  4. The US Naval Academy team say their amateur radio QIKCOM-1 APRS Digipeater payload may be deployed from the ISS on August 21
  5. The Polar Prince has been making its way northward along the Labrador Coast visiting communities and places of interest. It is interesting to access the live camera feed to observe the coastline
  6. The annual RSGB Islands on the Air Contest runs from 12:00 UTC on Saturday 29 July to 12:00 UTC on Sunday 30 July with phone and CW operation on 80 to 10m
  7. John, V47JA/W5JON, has been operating on SO-50 from St. Kitts with some success. The problem for him is that there is terrain in the way from about 320 degrees, north to east. So he is limited to what he can work from his house there
  8. An article about the wireless facilities at the Alert base in Nunavut describes amateur radio operation at the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world
  9. Look for special event station K1T to be active now and until August 5th
  10. Operators Didier F6BCW, Dominique F6DTZ, Le /F1TCV and David K3EL will be active as TX5EG from Hiva Oa Island (OC-027) between July 29th and August 6th